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Erin - New Zealand 2012-13

Just thought I'd give you an update about my first 7 weeks in New Zealand. I have settled in at my host families house veg well and at school. I'm going to Macleans College and it's pretty different compared to the schools in canada but its a change. I've been doing some touristy stuff with t host family but I've also done quite a bit of stuff with the other exchange students. there is a student from Belgium, france, Sweden, Germany and Argentina plus me. we make a really nice group, everyone is very nice and everyone can speak decent English. those who can't speak English too good are catching on really quickly. this weekend I'm going to a marae with the other inbounds and outbounds, we will be there for 3 days and we will be participating in maori activities. hope everything is good in Canada cheers! Erin