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So I think the last time that I wrote to you was around mid February time. I apologize for that as I should be more frequent with the updates.
So over the last 2 months there has not been a whole lot that has happened. of course there are always things that I do that I have fun doing and will create memories, but nothing of extremely special note to tell you guys about. Although Taiwan is a very fun and exciting place, there isn't a lot of times to do things. School goes for a very long time which does not allow me much time after school, but I still find things to do. Also on the weekends my parents seem to be busy a lot so they don't travel with me, even though traveling here is very uncommon as they prefer a to be in a familiar area.
Some note worthy things that I have done was my club went on a weekend trip to city called Ilan. this was a country side village that mostly consisted of rice fields. Me and the other boy from my club had a good time, learning about the process to grow rice and the harvest it and process it. We also visited some aboriginal sites while we were there. This past weekend we had a two day district conference in the Grand Hotel Taipei which is the largest hotel in Taiwan. Although it doesn't sound like much the building itself was really something to see. The design and structure of it was really quite amazing that they could create something like that. The meeting itself consisted of them showing us off to the entire district and allowing people to ask us questions about our countries. Also it was a day to meet the outbounds of the district. Quite surprisingly I met 4 students going to Canada, and one of them going to district 7080. That was really cool because I was able to tell them all about our area and the life we have. This girl is really nice and I think she'll like it there. She is really excited to go and Canada was her first choice to go on exchange.
So all of this is sums up the last two months. Although it doesn't sound like very much I have been having a good time. Yes traveling and seeing more of Taiwan would be great; but that will come later as there are some big trips planned for at the end of April and May.
I hope to provide you with some more exciting things of my adventures over here next time :)