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Just a few days ago I passed my 7 month mark here in Thailand!  That is crazy.  It has flown by!  I know that I've said that every time about my 3 month, 4 month, and 5 month mark but I really have no realization of how fast my time is going until I am reminded how long I've actually  been here!  I've been here 7 months and I definitely feel apart of the culture here now!  My family no longer call me by my Thai nickname, they call me "Shayna" like I am truly apart of their family!  I still struggle with the language, as it's a very difficult one to learn, but I feel extremely comfortable going out in public, or having conversations with people.  I am often greeted with looks of shock and surprise when I answer them in, what I hope to be, perfect Thai!  My family is very proud of me and love to brag to others about how well I am succeeding in the language!  I am not fluent!  I am unsure if that is a realistic goal I can accomplish by the end of the year, but I am so so much farther than when I started.
In my past few months I have been the only exchange student in my city, and the others are quite aways away from me!  But I believe that good came from this.  Being alone has helped me become an independent individual and also has helped me step outside of my comfort zone.  I no longer rely on the other exchange student to start conversations, or for her to get us opportunities.  I know that this has been a good thing for me because I can see how this will help me in the future, especially when it comes time for me to go to university.
A couple weeks ago,  I got the amazing chance to graduate from my high school.  Right now in Thailand the schools are on summer break!   This was a wonderful experience that I know I will not forget.  They did not hand out certificates, or diplomas, and it was no where near similar to the graduation ceremonies here in Canada.  It was a heart warming experience.  The students who were not graduating created balloons, and pictures and cards and so many things to hand out to the students who were graduating!  It shows how much that everyone was loved and how they will be missed!  I received an abundance of roses, balloons, cards, pictures and snacks from my friends!  Since my school is relatively small compared to the other schools in my city, I got the lucky benefit of getting to know the majority of the students in my school.  I created a close bond with so many of the students that made my last day at school a happy, but sad day!  Yes, tears were shed.  I will forever remember the memories made at this school and I hope that they will not forget me!  I was their first exchange student they hosted and they made it an amazing experience!  I've made life long friends at this school and I know I will be coming back one day to reminisce on these days!
Tomorrow I am headed on my 2nd Rotary Trip.  I believe that this will be the most beautiful and fun and relaxing trip out of the 3 that are offered in my district!  We are lucky to get the chance to travel to Phuket and Krabi, which are provinces located in the south of Thailand.  These provinces are filled with clear, blue beaches and white sands.  Many islands and caves that we are able to explore!  We get to see 2 of the sites of Thailand's "Unseen Thailand" which is very popular and extremely beautiful!  We also get to go snorkelling and see "Phuket's Fantasea Show"  Which includes thai dance and elephants and more!  I can't wait to tell you all about my experience there!  
Again I would like to thank my Rotary Club so much for giving me this life changing experience!  I really do not regret my decision at all and I thank you for helping me experience this!  This program is really wonderful and I know that I will be suggesting it to all when I get home! 
I hope all is well back home and  I wish every one a happy and healthy march break!
Kob Khun Ka (Thai for thank you)
Chok Dee Ka (Thai for good luck)