Fellow Rotarians and guests I would like to thank you for allowing me the privilege of leading this Club in its' 84th year.

I have been a member since May 2000 and have thoroughly enjoyed working with all members of the club over the past 8 years. The club has given me a chance to grow personally and professionally.

I would like to thank Past President Olga for stepping up to take on the Presidents role last year. She did a great job in overseeing a very successful year. With the launch of a new fundraising venture in the Rec. and Leisure show, a pledge of $17,500 to Woodstock Minor Soccer, our record breaking 10th Anniversary Dragon Boat Festival and another successful Music Festival,  I think we can all be proud of what was accomplished last  year.

This year I look forward to building on the success of our current ventures and to the

challenge of increasing our membership and aligning the club committees to reflect those that have been laid out by Rotary International. I believe that this important work will allow our club to continue to thrive in the years to come. 

We will be focusing our efforts on
  • Increased membership
  • Public Relations
  • International Literacy
  • Finding a community partner for the dragon boats

In addition I will be working with the club directors to develop a Club Leadership Plan that will allow for longer range project planning and success.

What I ask of each of you is to consider what talents, time or money you can contribute to the club to help us achieve more than we could as individuals. Get involved in any way you can.

I also encourage you to take advantage of the new technologies that are available to make it easier to keep up to date with club activities and lessen the workload of those organizing events. When requests for volunteers or meeting attendance are e-mailed out, register online. Its quick and easy, Addresses and e-mails of our members are all available through our website.

 As a business owner, husband and the father of 2 girls I understand that the demands on our time tend to exceed that which is available in any given week. But look at the things we have accomplished as a group by each of us setting aside just a little bit of time for community service.

  • donated $50,000 to the new Woodstock hospital,
  • $17,500 to Woodstock Minor Soccer
  • given Christmas gifts to children in Mexico,
  • administered Polio Vaccines to children around the Globe,
  • provided Bursaries to local high school students,
  • and generated a $100 million dollar grant challenge from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to help us eradicate Polio.

Could we have achieved these results as individuals?

So how do we go about accomplishing club goals? May I suggest that we start looking at our circle of friends and acquaintances and see who might make a suitable Rotarian.

Let's grow this club with some new members . New members bring new ideas and new talents and will allow our club the opportunity to excel at public service.

Thanks in advance to the board of directors who didn't realize what they were getting themselves into this year. Now I would like to run through a short PowerPoint to outline the new committees and some procedural changes for the club this year.