Posted by Ted Beynen
Date:            January 15th, 2018
Presiding –         President Lisa Wells
Location –         Quality Hotel & Suites
Writer –         Ted Beynen
Frances Stevens introduced our new exchange student from Australia - Montana. She is looking forward to a wonderful year with us.   
Brian Bennett – 3 year term is up as the assistant District Governor and was thinking maybe it was time someone from our club considered this position as Rosemary George was the last ADG from our club.
50/50 – Winner and card drawn
    Ron Fraser drew the 2 of Spades and donated the 2 dollars back into the pot
Birthdays and Anniversary’s
January 20th – Bruce Cunningham Birthday
January 24th – Ron Fraser Birthday
Hazel is celebrating 10yr Rotary Anniversary
Sergeant at Arms -
Happy Bucks
Richard Holmes – drew Joker for 50/50 last week and won 15% of pot - $43.65
Frances Stevens – had a Rotary centric weekend – hosted outbound exchange students and picked up our new Australian exchange student
Rosemary – very happy with calendar donations – also enjoyed a trip to central America – also had an accident but walked away with only a concussion
Dave Harris – Hosted outbound exchange students overnight on weekend
Hazel Powell – Happy roads are better this week after getting snowed in last Monday
Graham – happy to have taken down Christmas lights last Thursday during warm spell and flipping back and forth from curling to football all weekend
Ron – happy to see the new quarter with the Stanley cup on it

Richard Holmes gave an in depth synopsis on the stock market, everything from BITCOIN to POT STOCKS to current market condition and expectations for 2018