Thursday June 28th will be the last night of our Fun Race League. We will be handing out  some mementos to the paddlers at the end of the evening. This successful venture had 75 paddlers registered and assisted in the formation of a Woodstock Dragon Boat Team.              
This team will continue to paddle on Wed nights at 7:00pm with coaching from the Stratford Rotarians and paddlers on the Silvermasters DB team. Check out the pictures inthe photo journal of our club's new (to us) tractor that serves to self contain the dragon boat facility at Roth park.

Those of us in attendance on the Sunday of the dock installation will remember the ill fate that befell Dr. Reid's new sledgehammer at the hands of James Stewart. For those that were not there, the poor sledge had but one swing before the handle broke and the head plunked into the lake. Tonight, I happened by the docks and noticed a young lady with said hammer-head in her hand. She apparently bumped her foot on it and dredged it up.

I explained that Dr. Reid would like to have it back but she insisted that possession is 9/10ths of the law and that, I could not protest. She had already formulated plans to give it to her mother's boyfriend to put back into service.

So that ends the saga of the hammer head.

Come on out tonight and support the Fun League. The Sentinel Review will be in attendance and a few of the regular Rotarians are unavailable.