Rotary December 19th
Presiding:  President Bruce Cunningham
Invocation: Stephen Sears
50/50  Joe Odumodu
Announcements:    The next meeting will be January  9th 2017
                                     Happy Holidays to everyone !
Programe:    Our guest speaker today was SANTA CLAUSE alis Ron Archer from the
Ingersoll Club.  Introduced by Rosemary George and thanked by Hazel Powell.
Ron and his wife Linda have been foster parents for many years. Hosted exchange
Students  and been active in the Children’s Aid Society of Oxford.  Ron has been Santa on 144 occasions these past few weeks and the donations he receives go into
the endowment fund to assist children with scholarships when the age out of the
Care of the Children’s Aid.  He is passionate about helping children be the best they can be.  Santa and his Elf were delightful guests at this luncheon.
Hazel Powell led us in a twelve days of Christmas participation exercise, followed
by a sing along of Christmas Carols played by Brian George on the piano.
See everyone January 9th!