Posted on Jun 10, 2018
Presiding – David Harris
Location – Quality Inn
Janet Dawes
Alex Sterk
Brian and Marian Sterk
50/50 :
Winner: Chris Cunningham  
Card: 7 of Diamonds
Rotary Anniversaries and Birthday’s:
Rick S. – Birthday
Graham H.  – Rotary Anniversary of 27 years
Happy Bucks:
Jocelyn J. – Enjoyed trip to Greece and celebrated 2018 Diary Capital Run
Chris C. – Promoted Concession booth in Southside Park that is operated by Southgate Centre will be open 7 days a week
Ron F. – was in Kingston for Step-Daughter graduation
Joe O – Happy to be at Rotary Meeting
Rick S. – Excited to be acting as a mediator for a case
Graham H.  – Paid a fine for Rick C. for having trouble with the dragonboats tractor
Still issues with the truck. Should be ok for this week, but will need to get it sorted out
Rotary Minute:
Chris C. talked about how important Service Above Self is. She was taught at a young age to give back and as an adult looked for those opportunities. Rotary was able to provide that and allows her to meet new people and keep current on initiatives happening in her community.
  • Alex Sterk  from Ubiq Technologies
  • Company is 2 years old
  • Deals with Bitcoin and Blockchain
  • Mostly consultants hedge funds on security of cryptocurrency